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Categorized in two ways – by Type and by Topic – the Resource Center offers access to webinar coverage, white papers, E-books, Infographics and more. Looking for the latest custom content covering marketing automation, lead scoring or nurturing? This is where you’ll find it!

4 Ways To Nurture Your Marketing Message

Marketing messaging must be carefully nurtured to truly resonate with prospects, and this infographic provides four strategies B2B practitioners can use to enhance their messaging.

7 Creative Design Trends For 2024

To create engaging campaigns and graphics, organizations must stay abreast of the latest designtrends. This infographic reveals seven creative design trends predicted to be popular in 2024.

Designing Surveys To Make Better Business Decisions

Surveys are useful for helping organizations understand customer sentiment, areas of improvement and to get a general pulse of their customers’ needs. This infographic outlines a strategy to create strong surveys that deliver results.

2024 State Of CTV Advertising: Overcoming Knowledge Gaps To Focus On B2B Performance Plays

Though Connected TV (CTV) advertising first showed up on screens in the late 1990s via TiVo, the programmatic advertising format didn’t really take off until the 2010s. Now, as we approach 2024, B2B advertisers — who were traditionally slower on the CTV uptake — are embracing the strategy in droves, as 70% of practitioners are currently leveraging a CTV approach.For the 30% who aren’t…

7 Steps To Mastering Social Media Management

Social media is essential to business growth, but the ever-evolving trends and user preferences make it tricky to navigate. This infographic outlines seven steps to help organizations master social media management.

How To Craft Evergreen Content

For content to be classified as evergreen, it needs to be continuously relevant and fresh over along period of time. This  infographic outlines how the use of SEO keywords and general search optimization can make content appear in online searches long after it gets published.

B2B Marketing Benchmark: Spotlight On The Tech Industry

Despite budget challenges, marketers at B2B technology companies are optimistic about the future and excited about upcoming technologies, in particular generative AI, as well as upgrades to existing marketing tools. This infographic explores both the challenges and opportunities for B2B marketers worldwide.

Data Never Sleeps 11.0

Over the past decade,data experience platform Domo tracked the world’s data usage, revealing remarkable increases in activity across various online platforms, from Instagram and X toAmazon, Venmo, and many others. The annual Data Never Sleeps infographic offers a big-picture glimpse into the immense volume of data generated on the internet…

How AI & The Metaverse Will Impact The Datasphere

The datasphere—the infrastructure that stores and processes our data—is critical to many ofthe advanced technologies that we rely on. This infographic outlines how it could evolve tomeet the twin challenges of AI and the metaverse.
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