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How Does Content Marketing Build Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is essential to long term success, and content is a key factor to generate that support. This infographic highlights the role content marketing plays to maintain customer relationships and boost the efforts that generate the most results.

What Do You Need To Recruit & Retain Gen Z?

It’s estimated that Gen Z will make up almost one-third of the workforce by 2030, which means companies need to understand their preferences. This infographic highlights the strategies needed to recruit and retain Gen Z talent.

Data Cleansing 101

Organizations are (unfortunately) well-acquainted with dirty data: Research found that marketers’ top challenge for maintaining data quality was contending with old/outdated data (66%). This infographic highlights the pitfalls of dirty data and provides tips on how practitioners can cleanse their data.

8 Essential On-Page SEO Factors For Fast Impact

SEO is an essential factor in increasing website visibility, but it’s also challenging, considering all the customizable page elements. This infographic examines each element and discusses what changes have the biggest impact.

5 Critical Areas Sales Needs To Improve On

According to new research, there are five key areas where salespeople and buyers are disconnected: Communicating value, bringing ideas, leading through needs discovery, negotiating deals and making an ROI case. This infographic outlines the findings and suggests remedies to each area of disconnect.

5 Key Metrics Every CMO Should Be Tracking

To ensure that marketing campaigns are effective in achieving business goals, there are five key metrics that CMOs need to track. This infographic outlines the importance of tracking ROI, customer acquisition cost, conversion rate, customer lifetime value and social media reach/engagement.