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The Top Generative AI Tools For B2B Marketers

Generative AI is quickly cementing itself as a staple of marketing strategies, due to its ability toautomate mundane tasks, brainstorm content, create graphics and more. This infographic highlights the 30 generative AI tools that will best assist B2B marketers.

12 ChatGPT Tone Modifiers To Improve Your AI-Generated Content

While AI—and specifically ChatGPT—have the potential to streamline key marketing and salesprocesses, the machine learning models are useless without human intervention. This infographic outlines 12 ways practitioners can modify their tone to improve their AI-generatedcontent.

5 Effective Ways To Justify Your Marketing Spend

With budgets tighter than ever, the C-suite is wielding its red pens and slashing costs wherever possible. For marketers, this presents the challenge of justifying their marketing spend — and this infographic shares five ways for practitioners to make their case.

ChatGPT Prompts For SEO

For modern marketers, crafting content with SEO in mind is a nuanced but necessary process. This infographic explores how practitioners can leverageChatGPT to help improve andstreamline their SEO strategies.

How To Sell Across The Sales Cycle

Top sellers are at the top for a reason: They have specific, tactical skills they employ across thesales cycle, and have higher win rates, meet their sales goals and achieve premium pricing. This infographic summarizes sales research that shows what top performers do differently.

How To Test A Message Before Launch

Before deploying new messaging, it’s essential that organizations test and iterate on it to ensure it resonates. This infographic outlines the four steps needed confirm that messaging is ready to launch.