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50 Best Practices For Email Marketers

Marketers’ use of email continues to increase year over year. But nowadays, email marketers are focused on increasing email effectiveness, boosting campaign performance and optimizing conversion rates. Plus, today’s customers expect relevant, personalized emails that addresses their needs in the moment. To master this balance, marketers need real-time data and intelligent analytics, as well as a thoughtful, human touch to…

How To Improve Email Deliverability & Optimize Each Send

While it may seem like magic to some, making it into the inbox doesn’t have to be a guessing game. You can take real, actionable steps to improve your email deliverability — all while increasing customer engagement and eliminating wasted spend. Email deliverability can be very complex — but it’s worth trying to understand. By landing your emails successfully in…

5 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns

Creating content and campaigns that help your brand stand out takes more than just latching onto the next viral sensation. The “bread and butter” of B2B digital marketing demands tight alignment between sales and marketing, as well as a seamless integration of your martech stack. To help inspire your B2B marketing strategy and make the most of every campaign, Salesforce…

Trends In Generative AI For Marketing

Generative AI is creating incredible new opportunities for marketing, but you might have questions about how it works and why it matters. How do we safely integrate it into our everyday tasks? Where is it headed, and what does it mean for our roles? This new report from Salesforce shows how 1,000+ marketers are experimenting with generative AI, building their…

2023 State Of Account-Based Strategies: Marketers Lean Into Intent Insights, AI & Hyper-Personalization To Deliver Cutting-Edge Campaigns

Two decades have passed since ABM emerged on the B2B scene and revolutionized the way organizations plan, execute and measure their marketing campaigns. First coined by ITSMA in 2003, ABM has grown to become a staple tactic among modern marketers’ toolboxes. In fact, Demand Gen Report’s “2023 ABM Benchmark Survey” found that 67% of marketers rely on ABM strategies today, and…

4 Ways To Nurture Your Marketing Message

Marketing messaging must be carefully nurtured to truly resonate with prospects, and this infographic provides four strategies B2B practitioners can use to enhance their messaging.

7 Creative Design Trends For 2024

To create engaging campaigns and graphics, organizations must stay abreast of the latest designtrends. This infographic reveals seven creative design trends predicted to be popular in 2024.

Designing Surveys To Make Better Business Decisions

Surveys are useful for helping organizations understand customer sentiment, areas of improvement and to get a general pulse of their customers’ needs. This infographic outlines a strategy to create strong surveys that deliver results.

2024 State Of CTV Advertising: Overcoming Knowledge Gaps To Focus On B2B Performance Plays

Though Connected TV (CTV) advertising first showed up on screens in the late 1990s via TiVo, the programmatic advertising format didn’t really take off until the 2010s. Now, as we approach 2024, B2B advertisers — who were traditionally slower on the CTV uptake — are embracing the strategy in droves, as 70% of practitioners are currently leveraging a CTV approach.For the 30% who aren’t…

2023 State Of Sales Enablement: Pumping Up Pipeline Through Relationship-Building & AI Utilization

Modern sales reps are tasked with walking a tightrope between supplying self-service experiences and delivering personalized, perfectly timed outreach. Given B2B buyers’ increasing demands for highly targeted, multichannel experiences, the pressure’s on for sales to provide seamless transitions between each channel while maintaining relevance. As buyers engage across more channels and demand higher levels of personalization, this special report will…

The Comprehensive CTV Launch Checklist For B2B Advertisers

Are you ready to experience the difference Connected TV (CTV) can make in your B2B advertising strategy? Don't let the complexity overwhelm you. The impact that CTV can have on your performance strategy is undeniable, and the time to start is now. To help you kickstart your CTV journey and make it a seamless experience, check out this step-by-step checklist.…
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